Jodi exceeded expectations in delivering a premier experience we could never have achieved on our own. We were delighted and charmed every step of the way, seeing “her” France as she escorted us on visits to historic sites, private meetings with award-winning wine makers, deliciously inspired food and wine pairing dinners, a pleasant picnic among the vines, an enchanting sunset barge trip on the Canal du Midi, and a thrillingly unique afternoon driving vintage Citroen 2CVs through back roads and villages. Because of her personal touch, these experiences were intimate, relaxed and comfortable, and she tailored them to our likes and preferences. Her boundless energy, knowledge, keen eye for detail, great sense of humor and deep concern for the satisfaction of her clients, all add up to memorable, personalized experiences like the ones we had. We look forward to being wowed by her expertise and adventurous spirit again! Barbara A.

We had a wonderful visit to the South of France thanks to Jodi. She is an expert at arranging unique activities and tailoring them to her guests’ interests. We were a group of 8 friends that enjoy adventuring around the world and experiencing wine and local culture from the regions we visit. Jodi was spot on with the itinerary she set up for us. We met with wine makers, a local historian and enjoyed wonderful meals including a vineyard picnic, a meal onboard a canal boat with minstrels serenading us and a relaxing gourmet dinner at the chateau after a busy day of touring. Jodi is a welcoming host that is enthusiastic about sharing her love of France. Lori B.

My 21-year-old daughter, 70-ish mother and very dear family friends embarked on the trip of a lifetime.  We wanted a memorable, rich, authentic experience sprinkled with enough downtime to connect, reminisce and simply enjoy each other. The Epicurean Concierge delivered on all fronts, with a few pleasant surprises thrown into the mix!! First of all, Jodi, expertly anticipated the needs of this multigenerational group at every turn. Activities included a cooking class where our group prepared a delicious lunch with farm fresh ingredients delivered that morning. Sketching class filled another morning and one evening we dined on cassoulet aboard a vintage tugboat as the sun set. There was time for shopping and museums yet even then Jodi arranged lunch reservations and tour guides. It was a beautiful trip and one we know we will treasure always! Each day was perfection! Merci Jodi!!! Beth-Ann J.

Our trips to France always include visits to the Paris markets. I was a bit skeptical when Jodi suggested that we visit the markets in Provence, insisting that they are comparable if not better than those in Paris. She was correct. Not only did she find the best markets, she navigated us thru them and helped me negotiate the price of a piece of art that I wanted.  We have made several trips to Provence over the years, seeing many beautiful areas of the region. While those were memorable, revisiting the area with Jodi as our guide was completely different. We felt more engrained in the local Provencal lifestyle. Jodi did not organize tours, she designed experiences. Colleen F.

Her charm and passion for the south of France is endearing. More impressive than her passion is her knowledge of the region and the best activities to suit your needs/wants. I went to the south of France in an effort to learn more about the wine region and Jodi set up a wonderful wine tour for us. She was knowledgeable about the best wines in the region and was able to take us to each and really personalize the experience. Although the wine was our primary mission, Jodi added some extraordinary experiences. Our trip was filled with wonderful memories enhanced by the fantastic wineries selected and the general charm Jodi brought to the trip. I would recommend The Epicurean Concierge to anyone looking to travel to the south of France and really learn about the culture and foods from someone whose passion for the region is unmatched. Lindsay C.

Jodi welcomed us as if we were old friends, and we immediately found ourselves sharing stories of a bottle of bubbly rosé, created from vineyards we could see from the window. Jodi took us to places that were delightful surprises, even though we’ve been to France many times before. One of the most memorable experiences of any trip we’ve ever taken was seeing the pink salt fields at Gruissan, where Jodi got us a table with a view, super fresh seafood and local wine to match. We absolutely recommend Jodi because she’s knowledgable, fun and understands how important refinement and details are when you only have a few days or week of vacation. Jill B.