One of the most beautiful but relatively unknown regions in the south of France, Occitanie (formerly known as Languedoc), is the region just west of Provence. It is known for its Spanish-influenced cuisine, hearty cassoulet (a stew-like dish with beans, sausage and duck), and oysters given its close proximity to the Mediterranean.

For years this region was referred to as the “wine lake of Europe” given its focus on quantity versus quality wines. In fact, it was this wine that was served to the French troops. The region has more hectares of vines than any region in France, and more than California and Australia. In the last 20 years, there has been a major transformation in quality, so much so that the most trusted critics around the world are giving these wines high marks. And while the quality has improved, the price point has not yet caught up…so these wines are great value!

We are very excited to share exclusive and authentic experiences that we’ve uncovered in Occitanie for our clients! Below are some examples that we can include in your custom-designed vacation itinerary!   


Visit a family business that has become a key oyster supplier for top restaurants around the world by innovating how they produce their shellfish. They defied the odds given that the best oysters have traditionally come from France’s west coast. Take a brief boat ride in the lagoon to see how the oysters mature. Taste the traditional native oysters from the lagoon compare them to the unique ones produced at this farm. 


One of the world’s most famous vermouths is made only in the Occitanie region! In fact, it’s been produced here since 1813. Learn about the unique distilling and flavoring processes (many steps are still done manually). Enjoy a special tasting of their diverse vermouth offering (one that is only available in France) and demonstrate your mixing skills during a private martini master class.


Visit 10th generation wine makers located in a beautiful chateau that dates back to 1620. The vineyard is located in the only appellation where both Atlantic and Mediterranean grape varieties can be grown. Have private tour of the chateau (where King Louis XIII’s traveling bedroom furniture remains) and climb into your private Citroen 2CV car to drive to your very own picnic among the vines. After your drive thru a few villages, return to the vineyard for an extensive tasting of their most prestigious wines.


This trained chef is a master at teaching her students how to conquer culinary techniques that we’ve all secretly wanted to learn….from deboning fish to stuffing fowl to making exquisite sauces! Participate at your own speed in your own private class. Enjoy the three-course lunch you created along the banks of the Canal du Midi while sipping local Languedoc wines!